I will add you (I need to add As / Is too) to my links eventually

I know nothing about new brutalism but can probably buy a clue very quickly & have been wondering myself -- I think it s a krupskaya press and hangers on thing, but I could be wrong

unrelated -- Tessa Rumsey (not a new brutalist) had a bit about brutalist architecture in her book a while ago

I am trying to work on paul lake's cpr articles slowly, and also am just clearing my scrap pile into my blog as well as my email outbox

the reasons I was holding off are that I have no time to develop it -- right now, I'm signed up at squakbox, but don't put the link in, blah, blah -- it may remain "lazy blog"

bought yr Ahsahta book and about 20 others at the Strand $1 bin in NY, left them in a bar --

I am wretchedly ill & hope to be better by AWP -- going to that?


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