Update from Ron

As you may or may not know, my grandfather was in the IRA & was an early civial war hunger striker. A man named Sean Daly was executed in his place.

Now, there's this tale of Charlie Daly, also a *rare* Daly in Castleisland, Kerry, accompanied by a younger Tom who died in either 1923 or 1939. Currans and Farrenfore (I think Farrenmore could be a typo, but maybe not --) are actually the micro-towns my Sullivan grandmother is from -- the hedge school, etc. -- all sounds suspiciously familiar. Yet these are apparently not relatives!

It is the memorial near Tralee that includes Sean Daly, and nobody I know was executed all the way in Donegal.

Some links:

Poems about Charlie Daly:

Some info. about Drumboe:


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