well -- Welkin is actually in a bar in the east village -- I am happy when I can go to any given book cart and pick up more books than I can carry (I think I had to winnow my strand dollar pile to 20 from 50), knowing the presses and people -- didn't even go inside!

sorta like being able to pick out the california pottery from the random dishes at goodwill

and what a treasure trove Gotham Book Mart is -- I didn't miss new york so badly until I went back (I used to work around the corner from Gotham Book Mart, and I hadn't been to NY since the summer of 01, and I only got to see where I read and my hotel room, really, as I wasn't feeling well) -- it is like a beyond baroque but a jillion times better, all sorts of rare out of print books just there on the shelves selling for their original cover prices (Louis Armand's first book, $8)

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From: Aaron McCollough

Ah, so the dreaded day has already arrived...my book is in the Strand slush...wow. I sent you a copy media mail, so it should arrive there someday.

About 7 years ago, I went into the Strand and looked at their poetry shelf and thought, wow, what a massive amount of nameless, faceless poets. Of course, I was a complete ignoramus, so now many of those people would be poets I admire, I'm sure, but...the dollar bin... dude! I'm a failure.


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