The only poems I've read are prose poems printed at the small press at Ridgefield, NJ, and the visual poem collaborations with her seond husband, Man Ray. Adon Lecroix met him during his time as a student at the Modern School. Her first? husband, Adolf Wolff, was a sculptor associated with the Modern School (and hence the ashcan school).

Adon Lecroix links online:

As late as 1919, he said that he still considered himself an "out and out anarchist" and proved it by collaborating with Henry S. Reynolds and Adolf Wolff on the publication of the first and only issue of TNT magazine. In an edition of one thousand copies, selling for fifty cents each, TNT included sound poetry by Adon Lacroix, as well as her play Pantomine; Man Ray's narratives to accompany Revolving Doors collages; writings by Walter Arensberg, Philippe Soupault, and Marcel Duchamp; and a drawing by Charles Sheeter.


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