More old lists from the hard drive -- I make studetns make all sorts of lists first class --


I figured it would only be fair for me to list some contemporary poets.

Performance Poets

Tracie Morris
David Antin
Kenward Elmslie
Bob Holman

Funny Poets

David Antin
Connie Deanovich
Rachel Loden
George Bowering
David Bromidge
Aldon Nielsen
Ron Koertge
Charles Harper Webb
Billy Collins
Marie Ponsot

Distinguished by Use of Form
“neo formalist”

Kelly Cherry
Annie Finch
Marilyn Hacker
Marie Ponsot
Adele Slaughter
Aleida Rodriquez
Tim Steele
Dana Gioia
Thom Gunn
Mark Wunderlich
J.D. McClatchy
Kate Light
Rafael Campo

New York School Poets

Kenneth Koch
Barbara Guest
John Ashbery
dead people: Frank O’Hara, James Schuyler

“2nd generation”

Ann Lauterbach
Ron Padgett
Eileen Myles

“3rd Generation”

Lee Ann Brown
Jordan Davis
Lisa Jarnot?

Using Science

Albert Goldbarth
Alice Fulton
Janet Holmes

Using Technology

Janet Holmes
Catherine Daly

Using Literary Theory

Myung Mi Kim
Steve McCaffrey
Charles Bernstein
Jorie Graham
Adeena Karasick

Using Psychology
Jungian: Holly Prado, Diane Di Prima
C.K. Williams

Poets who Write about Art

The New York School poets
Ed Hirsch
John Hollander
Jorie Graham

Narrative / Cathartic

Sharon Olds
Carolyn Forche
Galway Kinnell
Marvin Bell
Tess Gallagher

Project Poems

Cole Swenson
Liz Waldner


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