More Sites and References



Dead Surrealists

Exquisite Corpse

Andrei Codrescu

Domestic Surrealism

Robert Bly, “Deep Image”
Lorca, “Duende”



AltaVista Babelfish

Wild Online Spoken Word & Sound Poetry



Resources at LAPL

Granger’s Encyclopedia of Poetry
Login through LAPL’s database links page (above)
Thousands of poems, searchable or linked from biographies
Good glossary, too, if you didn’t buy one of the Princeton books

Proquest (listed as Periodical Abstracts Research 1* on the LAPL database list)
Search “All Databases”, “Full text of articles” for invaluable book reviews
(Wilson Book Review Abstracts, also listed, is lame)

Twayne’s Authors Series
About Authors PLUS Articles, including one about American Indian Poetry

Scribner’s Writers Series
Interface looks the same as Twayne’s, but the info offered is different. Essays on Ashbery, Leslie Marmon Silko, Adrienne Rich, Susan Howe, and others on and off our anthologies and the course outline.

Literature Research Center (Gale)
Also the same interface, the largest database


Norton Anthology of American Literature, Vol. 2
Hershel Parker / W. W. Norton & Company

Norton Anthology Of Modern Poetry 2nd Edition
Richard Ellmann / Norton*(Ww Norton & Co)

Norton Anthology Of Poetry 3ed
Norton / Norton*(Ww Norton & Co)

Postmodern American poetry :a Norton anthology
Paul Hoover / Norton, 1994.

Eighteenth century women poets :an Oxford anthology
Roger Lonsdale / Oxford University Press,1990.

Nineteenth-century women poets :an Oxford anthology
Isobel Armstrong / Clarendon Press ;New York :Oxford University Press,1996.

Oxford Anthology Of English Poetry
Howard Foster Lowry / Oxford Univ * Press

Oxford Anthology of English Poetry Vol. II: Blake to Heaney
John Wain / Oxford University Press, Incorporated

Outlaw Bible of American Poetry
Alan Kaufman /

American Poetry Since 1970 : Up Late
by Andrei Codrescu / Four Walls Eight Windows

From the Other Side of the Century I 1960-1995
by Douglas Messerli (Editor) / Sun and Moon

Poems for the Millennium : The University of California Book of Modern
and Postmodern Poetry : From Fin-De-Siecle to Negritude (Vol 1)
From Postwar to Millennium , (Vol 2)
Jerome Rothenberg(Editor), Pierre Joris(Editor)


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