This quite an old list, and is the sort of information I cleared out of my file cabinets my last workshop and doesn't belong on my web site. So I'm going to see how it sits here in blog.

Toward a Map of LA Poets #1: The Academics
Cal Arts
Patty Seyburn*

Art Center
Amy Gerstler
Chris Kraus

Otis (many visitors)
Paul Vangelisti
Guy Bennett
Norma Cole* << a great human being, lives in SF
Ray DiPalma
Lewis MacAdams
Douglas Messerli
Dennis Phillips
Martha Ronk* << PhD Yale, teaches at Occidental (undergrads)
Leslie Scalapino

CIA (many visitors)
Mady Schutzman
Janet Sternburg
Amy Gerstler
Terry Wolverton* local anthologist, Writers at Work
Quincy Troupe* UCSD
Stewart Lindh
Steve McCaffery* Canada: York
Patty Seyburn* recent University of Houston PhD, I think she has a UC Irvine MFA
Jon Wagner

Antioch MFA (guests, low res)
Amy Gerstler
Eloise Klein Healy
Richard Garcia* Red Hen
Peter Levitt
Alma Luz Villanueva
Wendy Bishop
Frank Gaspar
Tim Seibles* World Stage
Judith Barrington
Sam Hamill
Susan Mitchell
Ingrid Wendt* lives in Oregon, great, taught Suzanne Lummis
Aleída Rodríguez* Echo Park, translator
Michael Datcher* World Stage

Marilyn Chin

Carol Muske Dukes
Molly Bendall
David St. John
James Ragan
Holly Prado

Harryette Mullen*
Cal Bedient*
Stephen Yenser
Luigi Ballerini

UCLA Extension
Laurel Ann Bogen
Susanne Lummis
Michael Datcher
Lisa Glatt

Michael Ryan

Rae Armantrout
David Antin* great human being, as is his wife, Eleanor Antin
Quincy Troupe
Fanny Howe* just retired
Experimental poetry archive

Christopher _____
good theorists

Dorothy Barrisi*
Benjamin Saltman* dead, but the guiding influence

Tim Steele*

Charles Harper Webb
Gerald Locklin
Clifton Snider

CSU – Fullerton

Cal Tech
Judith Hall* undergrads

Cal Poly Pomona
Faith Barrett
Deborah Meadows

Cal Poly SLO
Home of the CSU low res MFA

The Claremont Colleges

Michael R. Collings

Martha Ronk

Mount St. Mary’s

Loyola Marymount
Ellay Phillips
Deborah Landau
Gail Wronsky*

Community Colleges
Ron Koertge
Mark Solerno

High Schools
Todd Baron
Don Campbell

Ralph Angel

#2 – The Organizations

Poetry Society of America in LA

Beyond Baroque

PEN West

California Poets in the Schools (currently and formerly)
Adele Slaughter
Don Campbell

#3 The Informal Workshops

#4 The Journals and Presses

Cahuenga Press (collective)
James Cushing
Holly Prado
Harry Northrup
Cynthia Wolloch

Jack Grapes

Sun and Moon / Green Integer
Luigi Ballerini, UCLA Dept. of Italian
Guy Bennett

Fred Voss
Gerald Lochlin
Lisa Glatt


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